Create your cosmetics brand with European quality

A private label for your store, hairdressing, beauty or nail salon can be a high level of differentiation from your competition, a private label can be the deciding factor for your customers. This is why you have to choose well your suppliers or manufacturers.

We give you all the solutions to create your brand, from the creative process: corporate identity, name, media, etc … to the technical process: registration of your brand, choice of product range, etc ….

What does your private label include?

Corporate Identity

Colors, logo, Graphic Material.

Made 100% in EU

Compliance with the European regulation; Quality testing, not tested on animals.


Cosmetics, Makeup and Body Care



  • A wide range of formulations and standard colors.
  • Changing the standard formulation according to your requirements.
  • We developed a new formulation based on your strategy.

All products are manufactured in accordance with EU laws and regulation GMP, ISO 9000: 2001

Quality Control

We conducted all tests required by the European Union:

  • Stability tests
  • Microbiological testing
  • Dermatological tests
  • Evaluation of weight, color, odor, viscosity, PH

Do you want to design a private label?